High Street Bollards Status - Surrey Country Council has stated the following:

Wednesday, 8 February 2017 17:45

"The only significant change being made to arrangement for access to the High Street is the extension of the pedestrian zone to also include Sundays. This means vehicles will no longer be able to access this section of the High Street between 11am and 4pm on Sundays. On all other days the rising bollards will simply prevent vehicles from entering the pedestrian zone at times it has previously been illegal to access the area.

There are a limited number of exemptions to the restriction including emergency service vehicles on operational duty.

The rising bollard system has been designed to enable exempt vehicles to gain access to the pedestrian zone.

As has always been the case, there is no exemption for disabled drivers, taxis or vehicles making deliveries/collections from properties within the pedestrian zone (with the exception of Royal Mail vehicles).

Deliveries/collections therefore need to be scheduled to take place outside of the restricted times.  

Disabled drivers should note that there are disabled parking bays (that permit 3 hours of parking) available near either end of the pedestrian zone at the following locations.

  • 3 disabled bays in Wetton Place near the entrance to the pedestrian zone

  • 1 disabled bay in Church Road next to the exit from the pedestrian zone

In addition, there are disabled parking bays available within the pedestrian zonewhich can be used outside of the restricted times.

 Currentworks and timeline

The rising bollards are due to be installed during March 2017.

The County Council's Street Lighting contractor, Skanska, are due to install electrical feeder pillars during the week commencing 6 February 2017 in preparation for the introduction of the rising bollards.  Scottish and Southern Electricity will then subsequently connect an electrical power supply to the pillars. The electrical connections are due to be made by 3 March 2017.

Further information will be sent to properties along the High Street advising when each element of work will take place and of any impacts it may have".